Hello, I'm Tyler Machado, from the internet.

This is what I look like: 😎

Since March 2014 I've been in Boston working on graphics, tools and bots as Harvard Business Review's first editorial web developer. Before that I lived in Burlington, Vermont, where I was the digital media manager for the newsweekly Seven Days.

Current toolkit: Lots of JavaScript and CSS, some Node.js, a little dab of Python.

Professional interests: Responsive design, good performance, inclusivity, and the DIY ethic.

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HBR Bot for Slack
The Decline of Yahoo in Its Own Words
How Corporate Boards Connect, in Charts
Estimate the Cost of a Meeting with This Calculator
The Best-Performing CEOs in the World
A Tool to Help You Reach Your Goals in 4 Steps
Leadership Across Cultures
The Orchestrator Model
Vermont Restaurant Week Website


A Data Analysis of My Drinking Habits, written for a statistics class in December 2015 and repurposed for a SRCCON lightning talk in July 2016.

Free, Easy Web Tools for Dataviz, Boston University's Storytelling With Data workshops, June 2016.

Responsive Design and Dataviz, CASCADE BOS, April 2016.

Big Ambition, Small Staff, How the F*** Do I Prioritize?, SRCCON, June 2015. (Also see this related writeup for Source.)

An untitled talk about email analytics that's not on the web, Burlington Web Analytics Wednesday, December 2012.

How to Hack It in a Hackathon, Seven Days, October 2012.

How Social Media is Redefining Politics, Burlington NetSquared, May 2012.